Handy Confluence Shortcuts

By Brian Cheung

In this post I’ll be sharing some workflow enhancements and shortcuts that I’ve found make working with and editing Confluence documents easier for engineers. 


Macros allow us to embed other-than-text elements within confluence pages.  There are many, MANY macros available to us in Cofense.  The typical way to add a macro is to click the + icon in the menubar which brings up a list of frequently-used macros, but the real power comes from clicking “Other Macros” which will bring up a modal with all of the macros that are available for selection, either in one long list, or filtered by key categories.  Some of the more useful macros here are:

  • “Children Display”, which provides a list of all child pages of the current page that dynamically updates with hyperlinks
  • “Include Page”, which allows you to embed other pages within the current one.  This is particularly useful for content that has shared context, like what we’ve implemented with the Cofense application dependencies page.
  • “Info”, which provides a call-out box to highlight content – we’ve utilized this in the Simulator Deployment Workflow page
  • “Code Block” – fairly self explanatory but you have options for syntax highlighting and color scheme!


Nobody likes clicking.  The best shortcut I ever discovered was while watching one of our Devs produce documentation in realtime.  If you enter a single open curlybrace and type start typing the name of a macro, Confluence will provide some auto-complete options and then insert that macro inline where the cursor is located.  It’s magical.


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