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Remote Done Right

by Steve Rice
With so many physical offices closing due to COVID-19, I am constantly reading about all of the uphill battles that teams are having with the adjustment to ‘working from home.’  We see conference calls gone wrong, we hear the same Zoom jokes over and over again,
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By Brian Cheung

In this post I’ll be sharing some workflow enhancements and shortcuts that I’ve found make working with and editing Confluence documents easier for engineers. 


Macros allow us to embed other-than-text elements within confluence pages.  There are many, MANY macros available to us in Cofense.  The typical …

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By Matt Harrington

With the development and performance testing of the new Responsive Delivery feature of PhishMe, it became apparent early on that there was a need to be able to generate valid Exchange subscription notifications for actual mail user actions.  During initial development, it was sufficient to develop and …

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By Eddie Lebow

Git has a stateful interface—certain commands behave differently depending on whether the repo is in the midst of an action like rebasing, merging, or bisecting. It can be frustrating to notice through the CLI whether git is in one of these states.

The best solution is to …

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